I’ve been a writer for yonks– since 1978 actually. I learned from some really good people and what I learned is still what makes me a decent writer. No matter what channel you throw at me.


I’ve won my share of awards if that’s what you’re interested in (D&AD, Cannes, AXIS, Award, Leaf, Communication Arts, Mobius, Roses, UK Creative Circle, and and a load of other stuff that you’ve probably never heard of, so it doesn’t matter.)


I know what tone of voice really means and I can write in the one that is appropriate for your brand.



I also realise that you don’t want to read long copy because you probably think such things are old school. But actually, people read what interests them, long or short, as long as it’s well written and relevant. That’s always been the case. Howard Gossage said something similar – about ads not writing.


I can even write your CX stuff without panicking. If you need someone like me, I have to say, rather immodestly, that there aren’t many writers like me. And if you hire me, I promise not to use the word ‘hence’ in anything I write for you.